(I was DO7PRM until September 2017.I added one dot ;-)


QTH: Hangelar


DOK: F74

Special DOK 25F74 (june until October)

25 years of F74 in 2018

Rig and Ant:

FT817 and KungFuTenna (chaotic dipol)


Activity and interests:

     Manly Shortwave in SSB and some PSK. I am learning CW.

     On the air with 4-5 Watt (QRP)

     Portable and solar powered

     World Castle Award as activator COTA

     Homebrewing and modding of equipment (Examples: Lima-SDR, Vox, Pegelgenerator DL2EWN, QRP-PA by DL2EWN (not ready)) in MitDemWwasManHat-Style

     Red Pitaya as Vector Network Analyzer

     Raspberry Pie

     SDR and digimodes

     Simulation (have a look at, partsim or mmana)

     Contests and fielddays

     Ham radio out of other countries


QSL via is preferred, but bureau is ok too.



Old QSL-Cards:

I am on HF since 2015 with my X1M Pro and 4.5 Watt output as DO7PRM. The novice lis permits 10m, 15m, 80m and 160m only (as long I was in DL, in 9A I did some QSOs on 40m). This was all QRP: