(I was DO7PRM until September 2017.I added one dot ;-)


QTH: Hangelar nr Bonn


DOK: F74 Dornburg / Westerburg (

Special DOK 25F74 (june until date of WAG2018 Contest when working DK0DI, our clubstation)

25 years of F74 in 2018


Check your probability to work me:

Rig and Ant at home:

FT817 and KungFuTenna (chaotic dipol similar to a rombus-antenna)


Activity and interests:

     Manly Shortwave in SSB. I did some PSK but have no interface at the moment.

     I am learning CW, pse qrs. My sqeezepaddle is homebrewn out of a railwayrelais and the keyerelectronic was a kit.

     On the air with max. 4 Watt (QRP)

     WSPR: You can read my Signals may be. The output is 10mW only! The energy of one transmission is about the energy it takes to pick up one bar of chocolate and put it on the table. I use WSPR to check my chances in CW or SSB. The 10dBm WSPR-Signal is compareable to 4W in CW. I get an impression of the directivity of my antenna.

     Portable and solar powered

     World Castle Award as activator and member of the cotagroup COTA

     Homebrewing and modding of equipment (Examples: MorseSqueezePaddle, Lima-SDR, Vox, Pegelgenerator by DL2EWN, QRP-PA by DL2EWN (not ready), Mirakulix-Antenna (Coil of 2x40m aluwire, diameter abt. 3cm) in MitDemWwasManHat-Style

     Red Pitaya as Vector Network Analyzer

     Raspberry Pie

     SDR and digimodes

     Simulation (have a look at, partsim or mmana)

     Contests and fielddays

     Ham radio from other countries


QSL via is preferred, but bureau is ok too.



Old QSL-Cards:

I am on HF since 2015 with my X1M Pro and 4.5 Watt output as DO7PRM. The novice lis permits 10m, 15m, 80m and 160m only (as long I was in DL, in 9A I did some QSOs on 40m). This was all QRP: